Who We Serve

The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is open to the public. For a nominal fee, anyone is welcome to enter and purchase produce by the carton from the Market’s independent produce distributors. Our Merchants carry a full line of fruits and vegetables and serve all types of foodservice and grocery businesses.


Our Wholesale Customers have established long standing relationships with our Merchants based on a trust and understanding that has been forged over years and, in some cases, decades. Anyone in the food industry knows that fresh produce starts with the operational benefit of cold-chain protection for fruits and vegetables. Our state-of-art Market was designed to assure comfort, convenience, quality, freshness, food safety, and extended shelf life.

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General Public

Serving the city of Philadelphia and its residents since colonial times, the Merchants of the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market are proud to share the benefits of wholesale with the people of our region. No business license is required; anyone can shop in the Market as long as they purchase by the carton.

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The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market has an enduring relationship with all of the culinary schools in and around Philadelphia. The next generation of chef is being integrated into sourcing top quality produce through their experiences at the Market. In addition, we take great pride in being an integral part of the world class culinary scene within the city through the chefs who frequent our Merchants to find not only the freshest produce but increasingly unique fruits and vegetables from around the world.

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Starting with the pre-dawn activity on the floor of the Market, family-owned businesses, buyers, and brokers of varying size source their fresh fruit and vegetables at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. We are proud to offer a convenient, safe, and comfortable buying experience for the area’s retailers, including supermarkets, corner stores, bodegas, mom and pop shops, and farmers Markets.

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