CLOSED: Sunday, April 4th

OPEN: Monday, April 5th

-4 am for Receiving

-8 am for Customers


Below are the NEW CUSTOMER HOURS BEGINNING January 2021:


Sunday: 9:00 am to Sunday: 12:00 pm 

Sunday: 7:00 pm to Monday: 11:00 am 

Monday: 7:00 pm to Tuesday: 11:00 am 

Tuesday: 7:00 pm to Wednesday: 11:00 am 

Wednesday: 7:00 pm to Thursday: 11:00 am 

Thursday: 7:00 pm to Friday: 11:00 am 

Anytime by appointment
Peak hours are between 4 am and 10 am





The PWPM is closed on Saturdays and in observance of national and religious holidays, each year on the following days:

• 4th of July
• Christmas Day
• New Year’s Eve