PWPM’s cold chain is preserved by 224-sealed dock doors that surround the building’s perimeter. This design allows the market’s entire loading dock and sales floor to be kept at 50° F all day, each day of the year. With trailers snug against weather-tight loading dock seals, produce moves across the cool loading dock to or from refrigerated warehousing.

Temperatures in merchants’ individual refrigerated warehouses are adjusted to suit the ideal environment for each commodity.

This chilled environment maximizes produce shelf life, assuring freshness and crispness. It is unsurpassed from the international food safety standpoint.

Our Customers

Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market (PWPM) is open to the public. For a nominal fee, anyone is welcome to enter and purchase produce by the carton from the market’s independent produce distributors.

PWPM shelters people from outdoor elements in an enclosed, colorful, clean, bright, safe environment.

In terms of personal safety, customers in pedestrian aisles are protected from power jacks by bright-yellow, steel barriers.

PWPM is protected by 265 high-tech security cameras connected to a central location in the building, and PWPM security staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Wi-Fi hot spots are available throughout PWPM and are available for customers to utilize.

Recycling Program

Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is an environmentally conscious facility, and was constructed with state of the art, energy-efficient materials that are conducive to supporting a healthy environment.

Adjacent to the main market building is an 18,000 square-foot recycling and waste processing facility. This allows efficient, environmentally-friendly cardboard, pallet and plastic recycling, as well as sanitary and efficient discharge of organic waste. Throughout the day, market staff moves waste materials to our freestanding recycle building as one of many measures to assure tidy cleanliness in the main market building.