Visit Our Market

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale produce, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need one case or a tractor trailer full, the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market will give you a great shopping experience! Think of us as a produce mall, where you have a variety of merchants competing under one roof. That translates into great quality, variety, and value. We offer an enormous selection of virtually every type, size, and variety of fresh fruit or vegetable. And yes, we are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Don’t be intimidated by our size. Let it work for you! Our 700,000 square foot fully-enclosed, fully-refrigerated market ensures that our produce stays fresher for longer. We welcome you to explore our state-of-the-art facility and discover that fresh isn’t only our passion, it’s our life’s work.

Now, for some practical matters:

Address: 6700 Essington Avenue; Philadelphia, PA 19153. Enter at 67th Avenue.


Parking: There’s ample parking around the perimeter of the Market. If you’ll be buying in bulk, you can bring a hand truck and park by the covered parking section to unload your purchases.

Entering the Market: Enter into any of our 10 entrances around the building. Make your way to the central shopping concourse.

Comfort and Safety: Stay inside the yellow barriers and be alert for fast moving equipment. Bring a jacket and walking shoes. Our Market is ¼ mile long and is chilled like an October day.