Our Merchants

T.M. Kovacevich

Units: A1 - A6, B1 - B2, I9

Phone: 215-336-3160

Fax: 267-790-0442

Email: info@tmkproduce.com

Website: www.tmkproduce.com

TMK is proud to represent the world's finest growers at the best wholesale produce arena on the planet. Visit the TMK showroom and you will feel the excitement generated in part by the bountiful displays of fresh produce. TMK strives to be a reliable buyer to our growers and a dependable supplier to our customers. Please call with any questions, for a tour, or to discuss any of the fresh produce services we provide such as delivery, local sourcing and delivery, forward distribution, contract pricing, and AD development.

Sales Contacts:
Cindy Schannauer
John Birch
Steve Riccelli
Steve Buchanan
Michael Watson
Michael Verchio Sr.
Michael Verchio Jr.
Rocky Verchio
Herb McGrath
Tom Kovacevich
George Manos
Fran Carfagno
Brian Nichols
Steve DiPascale
Ry Manos
Jason Weiss
Kris Kamp
Ryan Connelly
Frank Primerano
John Nelli