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Auction of Regional Produce Cooperative Corporation (RPCC) stock associated with Units D-7, D-8, and D-9 of the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market (PWPM)

It’s a rare occurrence when the nation’s only fully enclosed, fully refrigerated wholesale produce marketplace has space available for lease!

Become part of the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market and take advantage of the market’s ability to draw walk-in traffic to grow your business along with our other successful tenants/shareholders.

At the PWPM, you’re not just a tenant; your long-term lease makes you a shareholder of the cooperative corporation that owns the PWPM. As a shareholder you’ll have a voice in the future of the PWPM and in the future of your investment.

Seize this exceptional opportunity to expand into the country’s premier state-of-the-art wholesale produce market, located at 6700 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153. Three units (offered together or separately) have opened at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. Each unit includes the following:

· 4,050sq/ft. per unit which includes front sales and rear utility areas.

· There are a total of 630 pallet positions in all three units: D9 (198), D8 (216), D7 (216).

· Temperature is controlled to your specifications (33 to 55 degrees).

· Second floor office space with each unit with elevator and stairway access.

· Dedicated loading dock doors and access to common dock doors to service your customers.

· 24 hour/day access.

· On-site security, waste disposal, and building maintenance.

How can I participate?

Each unit is being auctioned at a reserve price of $50,000 USD. A qualified bidder can bid on one, two, or all three units that are available. Apply Here

How do I become a bidder?

Each bidder will be pre-qualified prior to the auction. A potential bidder must complete the online application process, provide the required information regarding their business, and sign non-disclosure agreement.

Bidders are approved at the sole discretion of the RPCC Board of Directors.

What information does PWPM require to become a bidder?

In addition to submitting the online form each applicant must submit the following information to be considered:

    • Completed & Signed Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
    • Three years of financial statements.
    • Proof of insurance.

Why do I need to execute an NDA?

RPCC will require an NDA to protect any private business information shared between the RPCC and your organization.

When is the auction?

August 31 – Window closes for pre-qualification applications.

Sept 16 – Auction portal opens 12 AM and closes at 11:59 PM.

Sept 17 – Bidders are notified of the results.

How are these leasable units tied to ownership in RPCC?

Each leased unit is worth 20 voting shares of stock in RPCC.

What is the business structure?

The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is owned by the Regional Produce Cooperative Corporation (RPCC), a non-profit cooperative corporation. RPCC is owned by seventeen (17) wholesale produce companies who, together lease the current purpose-built PWPM facility. Most of the companies of the RPCC are family-owned and have been in business for several generations.

What are the requirements of becoming a shareholder of RPCC?

Approved pre-qualified bidders will receive all information pertaining to the requirements of RPCC ownership.

Who do I contact to schedule a showing, technical support, and/or additional questions?

Mark Smith

General Manager, PWPM


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